I recommend Real Estate Agent Deanna Hancock
Deanna had foresight to help me see exactly what I was looking for and needed in a house. She found the perfect home for me.

Renate Greenfield
Your happy homeowners
Thank you for our first home. There is nothing better than a friend not just a salesman. You are the example to be followed by other Realtors. Thank You

The Nelsons
Deanna & Krista made my quest for my "perfect property" their own personal quest and didn't rest until we'd found it. They responded quickly to my requests to view properties and were patient when it took me awhile to find what I was looking for. They offered excellent advice and counsel whenever I had questions. This was my second transaction with them and I will never use anyone else! A+!

Vicki Silvis
Cross Country Movers
Moving cross country can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Selling one house, lining up movers, looking at and buying a new house are all processes that can destroy the best laid plans. Deanna helped make the process much easier for us. As soon as our son recommended her services she started sending us listings within the price range and areas we wanted to look at. The Boise market was beginning to heat up again and we soon realized that acting quickly on what we wanted would be necessary. While we were still packing in Louisiana, Deanna and our son started physically inspecting houses until the right one was on the market. We were ready to authorize an offer on one home when Deanna suggested that something new had just hit the market and it should be looked at before we acted. Based on Deanna's assessment and our son's inspection we put in an accepted offe that day. When we finally saw it several weeks later we couldn't have been happier. We stayed on our time line, didn't have to reschedule movers, live in hotels and find new ways to cope. She did her best to make things work flawlessly. Deanna is a friendly, competent professional who walked us through every step of the purchase process in Boise. She works with a team of people who make what can be a stressful and frustrating process comfortable. When I think of the things that could have gone wrong when moving across country I am glad that Deanna's experience and professionalism were there to easily get us into our home in a very short period of time. I would recommend her services to other prospective buyers with no hesitation.

Axel Kappes
Knowledgeable and Outgoing
Krista Rudolph was excellent to work with. She was knowledgeable and outgoing. She always had a quick and accurate response to our questions. She worked very hard to help us reach our goals.

Mark and Joanna Preston
Working with Deanna Hancock to purchase my new house was a delight. I cannot begin to adequately express my gratitude to her for all that she did to help me through my first house buying experience. Her knowledge, organization, and professionalism were comforting during what could be a stressful time. I am also thankful for her friendliness and comfort in making sure I got the right house for me. She communicated with me constantly, keeping me up to date with every little step in this process. I am convinced that I found the perfect property due to Deanna's tireless efforts and desire to make sure I was finding a home that is the ideal fit. Thank you Deanna, you are welcome to stop by my new home anytime!

Geoff Kappes
Wonderful in her Approach
Krista was wonderful in her approach, her understanding of the market, and making sure that the seller kept their end of the bargain. Has followed up after the sale, and repeatedly helped me out to ensure that all is well after we've moved in. For being new to the market, she's excellent at what she does. The quality I enjoyed most, is that she's not fake like many real estate agents - she genuinely wants to help you find the perfect home, and has all the patience in the world to do so.

Ryan and Vianey McCabe
Home buying experience with Deanna Hancock
We chose Deanna Hancock to help us with our new home buying experience for several reasons. We are both involved with our community in different organizations and for us finding a Realtor who was also involved became very important to us. Not only is Deanna the only individual Realtor who is a member of the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, But she knows 'everyone' in Middleton, and knowing people meant she had the resources to find buying opportunities for us. Deanna’s personality, friendliness, and easy going nature made the experience great. Never at any time did we feel any pressure to look at a home that we didn't think would work for us. We felt like we were in the driver’s seat making the decisions while she was there to support us with what was needed to make it happen. Deanna helped us place an offer on a short-sale property, it didn't work out on that property and we are glad it didn’t, because Deanna walked us through another home that was a perfect match! We placed an offer that evening and the next day it was accepted. She guided us through the paperwork perfectly. The communication lines with Deanna were open at all times during the process. After we moved into our home, we both commented that Deanna really was the best Realtor we have ever worked with, and we have worked with many in the past. She really would have done anything for us during the buying process. She would have even helped move boxes if asked!

Lee and Melisa LaPrath
Very Knowledgeable
Krista is very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful throughout the whole buying process. We moved here from out of the area and really had no idea what we wanted. Krista showed us multiple listings and helped us narrow our search down until we found the perfect home. She has been very helpful with everything that has come up and was able to get everything handling quickly (before, during and after the sale). She even made some great recommendations when it got to the point of choosing which mortgage broker and insurance agent we wanted to go with. I will definitely recommend her to everyone I know!!

Justyn and Daphne Hanson
Extremely Satisfied
We recently listed and sold our 4 bedroom house in Meridian, ID. Deanna Hancock was out listing agent and we were extremely satisfied with our experience. Deanna was very thorough in identifying areas of our home that needed attention before it was listed. Deanna was knowledgeable in all facets of the selling process and we would highly recommend her as your next Real Consultant.

Joel and Jamie Hawker
First Time Home Buyers
Deanna's attitude & professionalism Excellent! She was Very prompt and easy to work with! We thought the electronic signing was the most valuable service during the transaction.

Damien and Katlin Burchard
Highly Recommend
Krista was fabulous when helping us with our short sale! I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a competent, caring realtor who really is willing to go the extra mile if needed.

Mallory and Devin Parsons
So Pleased
We were so pleased with Deanna's expertise. She helped us so much by answering concerns we had and being proactive in all areas of selling our house. Because of her upto date knowledge we did not have to return to Idaho, while on vacation, to close the sale of our house.

Jack and Sandy McWhorter
Relocating for Work
I was in Boise after relocating for work so was looking for a place. I had looked at many places and then found a listing of Krista's. I called her and she answered the phone which was surprising given other experiences. She offered to meet me within the hour at the house. It wasn't quite what I was looking for but I had a couple more that I had called about and had not received a reply she checked and said they were vacant so she could show them to me. They didn't work either but she did research found many listing within the realm of what I was looking for. I think we looked at a couple dozen homes before we found the right one. She was always responsive. My brother had relocated here as well and had talked with several agents none of which were very responsive to him. I told him who I was working with and within a couple days he also found a place that worked for him. She worked with the other agents and lenders and was very helpful in getting information back and forth to all the respective parties making it much easier for me. I will totally recommend her to anyone else who is in the market.

Stan Wylie
First Home Buying Experience
This was our first home buying experience and let me tell you how amazing it was to have such an amazing person to work with. Krista helped us through every process. She listened to everything we wanted and found so many places for us to look at. She was so patient with us knowing we had to find just the right place. Well when that finally happened she really went to work for us negotiating what we wanted. It was quite the process but the end result was great! We love our home and are so thankful she made it as smooth as she could for us!

Monte and Anita Love
Really great to work with
Krista was really great to work with. She had a lot of resources to answer lending questions as well as general knowledge of different neighborhoods and the safety of those neighborhoods. From the very beginning she was very responsive in sending me lists of houses to choose from with my requirements. She never tried to push a house that didn't fit what I wanted and was always willing to show me houses that I wasn't sure about just so I could be sure I knew exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend her to help find the perfect home.

Tanya Pesaturo
Fantastic Agent
Krista was a fantastic agent. She helped us not only get through, but understand each step along the way. Our home was presented in an excellent light, and the resources through which our house was marketed on was fantastic.

Greg and Cassandra Radcliffe